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Welcome to a On this site you will find Internet bargains on every thing from auto parts to clothing, from food for the body to food for the mind. The side bar lists stores by category.

The top bar lists the primary categories.

The Store of Day tab lists the Community Color Store of the Day program.

Sales and Promotions: Online stores often run online promotions. Stores like to move merchandise at the beginning of the shopping season and to clear shelves at the end of shopping seasons. The promotion section of this web is dynamic. The promotions all have start and end dates. Check back regularly.

Clearance Racks: The purpose of a clearance rack is to move out mismatched sizes and discontinued items. The number of items in clearance racks change with the seasons. Clearance racks tend to have limited quantities and sizes. If you see a bargain on a clearance rack, you need to grab it fast.

Discounters: Many online stores only carry clearance goods. These discounters look for manufacturing overruns, end of the season items and refurbished goods. I find that discounters tend to be the best place to pick up gifts. They are not quite as good when you need consistent service or a particular product.

Great Stores: lists stores have low margins and great customer service. Great stores rarely have sales or coupons...Their prices are low from the beginning. Stores committed to value are the best bargains on the Internet because you can reliably purchase from the stores at your convenience. Stores depending on gimmicks are iffy.

Loss Leaders: Many web sites make use of loss leaders to draw people in their stores. The loss leader is generally a top of the line item that the merchant is willing to sell at or below cost to introduce you to their store.

Factory Direct: The Internet gives manufacturers the ability to sell directly to the public. Although the factory direct model has been slow to take off, I believe it will ultimately be one of the primary venues for selling customized products in the future.

Below you can find bargains at select online stores:

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