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A Fountain of Bargains - Dog Frisbees

Hello Internet World.

My name is Coco. I am a dog ... a Chocolate Lab to be exact.

I live for playing fetch. My favorite game involves snatching flying discs from the heavens.

Unfortunately, I am human challenged. The human I use for tossing the disc lost my favorite flying disc a month ago. After a month with no flying disc, he bought a Zisc Disc. Unfortunately, the Zisc has a rim that is too large.

My human suggested that I write up floppy disc reviews to help other doggies find the right toy. The result is this page.

Floppy Disc

My favorite flying toy is the Soft Bite Floppy Disc. It is a relatively inexpensive toy with a rim made of soft surgical tubing and durable nylon body. The regular size is the right size for most dogs. You can find the Floppy Disc at petco.

A doggie can bite down on the Soft Bite to pick it up. It will bounce back into being a flying disc when the dog releases its bite.

I rolled in esctasy as I was so happy with my toy. Too bad my human lost it.

Zisc Disc

Coco with Frisbee

My latest acquisition is the Zisc Disc. My human ordered the disc online from The disc is made of an eco-friendly composite that it durable and sheds slobber. It would number among my favorite discs, except that the rim of the frisbee is too large. It is almost an full inch. The large rim means I have to open my snout to its full extent to snatch the disc from the sky. It bounces off my nose if I don't open wide enough. The excessively large rim impedes the aerodynamics; So, it's harder to get a good long toss.

If only the rim were small, the Zisc would number among my favorite flying toys.

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