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Woodwind and Brasswind

Woodwind and Brasswind brings band instruments to the Internet. The site offers a variety of specials for students entering band class. They are also a great source of musical instruments for community bands and orchestras. (browse products)

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Woodwind & Brasswind   Recent Price Drops
DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
Avid Pro Tools + Mbox Pro Artist Mix Bundle$2,199.00$400.00$1,799.00
Bigsby B5 Telecaster Vibrato Kit - Telecaster and Similar Flat Top Solid Body Guitars Chrome$214.99$42.96$172.03
Bigsby B7 Vibrato Kit - Arch Top Solid-Body Guitars Chrome$191.95$45.58$146.37
Bigsby B700 Vibrato - Arch Top Solid Body Guitars Black$169.99$39.60$130.39
Blue Spark Studio Microphone$199.99$9.47$190.52
Blue Spark Studio Microphone Regular 888365251905$159.20$6.78$152.42
Celestion Classic Lead 80 80W, 12" Guitar Speaker 8 ohm$149.00$26.29$122.71
D'Addario EJ51 Pro-Arte Semi Polished Basses Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings$25.91$7.82$18.09
D'Addario EPS165SL XL ProSteels Light Top/Medium Bottom Super Long Scale Bass Strings$21.99$6.10$15.89
Focusrite iTrack Solo Audio Interface for iPad, Mac and PC$109.99$30.00$79.99
Furman P-1800 PF Power Conditioner$424.95$143.95$281.00
Furman PL-Pro C Power Conditioner$374.95$135.95$239.00
Furman PST-6 Power Station Series AC Power Conditioner$95.00$31.68$63.32
Furman PST-8D Power Station Series AC Power Conditioner$109.89$8.40$101.49
Furman Standard Power Conditioner/Sequencer, 15A, Remote$299.00$119.06$179.94
Gator ATA Polyethylene Bass Case Black$149.99$31.00$118.99
Gator G-Club DJ Controller Bag$89.99$10.30$79.69
Gator G-MIX ATA Rolling Mixer or Equipment Case Black 888365161969$167.99$8.00$159.99
Gator G-Tour 6U ATA Rack Road Case$209.99$10.00$199.99
Gator G-TOUR-TRK 3022 HS Truck Pack Trunk Black, 30"X22"x22" 888365255316$423.99$24.00$399.99
Gator GL Series Flute Case Black$39.99$5.00$34.99
Gator GM Padded Gig Bag for Microphones 2 Mics$59.99$6.36$53.63
Gator GM-1WP ATA Wireless Microphone System Case$139.99$5.00$134.99
Gator GP-12 Padded Cymbal Slinger Bag$69.99$14.04$55.95
Gator GPA-450-515 Speaker Bag Black$74.99$29.99$45.00
Gator GR ATA Shallow Rack Case 3 Space$129.99$15.92$114.07
Gator Keyboard Drawer$139.99$12.01$127.98
Gator Padded Bass Drum Bag 20x18$49.95$16.29$33.66
Gator Padded Floor Tom Drum Bag 16x16$44.95$5.45$39.50
Gator Rack Drawer 2 Space$99.99$20.04$79.95
Gibraltar Basic Rack With Curved Front Bar$329.99$73.23$256.76
Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth Vertical Mounting System Package$224.99$57.67$167.32
Grip Studios Grip Reaper Skeleton Custom Guitar Hanger Left Hand Model$40.99$14.86$26.13
Groove Tubes Gold Series GT-6L6-GE Matched Power Tubes High 8-10 GT Rating Quartet$149.99$42.30$107.69
Hal Leonard Beatles Best for Easy Piano$24.99$7.21$17.78
Hal Leonard The Rolling Stones Guitar Tab Anthology Songbook$27.95$8.14$19.81
Hercules Stands MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand$69.99$13.55$56.44
Hercules Stands Wood Wall Guitar Hanger with Free AGS Lock and Key Set$27.99$13.85$14.14
Hohner 2509/48 Echo Harmonica Key of C$109.99$16.40$93.59
Hohner Chrometta 12 Harmonica C$144.99$24.99$120.00
Hohner M2011 Marine Band Thunderbird Low Tuned Harmonica Low A$139.99$34.56$105.43
Humes & Berg Galaxy Floor Tom Drum Bag Black 16x16$44.00$9.32$34.68
Humes & Berg Tuxedo Bass Drum Bag Black 18x22$98.99$9.72$89.27
JAMSTANDS JamStand JS-KC90 Karma Series Transport Cart - Medium Duty$149.99$70.00$79.99
Levy's 2" Southwest Navajo Print Nylon Guitar Strap Desert Red$26.99$6.32$20.67
Modtone Coliseum Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal$129.95$26.05$103.90
Modtone MT-POWP 9V AC Power Plant Power Supply$189.95$42.42$147.53
Monster Legacy S-100 Speaker Cable 1/4" - Banana 50 Foot$54.95$21.21$33.74
Mooer Graphic G Guitar Equalizer Effects Pedal$88.00$7.77$80.23
Nady 401X Quad WHT Handheld VHF Wireless Microphone System Set A$295.00$52.00$243.00

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