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Woodwind and Brasswind

Woodwind and Brasswind brings band instruments to the Internet. The site offers a variety of specials for students entering band class. They are also a great source of musical instruments for community bands and orchestras. (browse products)

Online Coupons & Recent Price Drops / Woodwind & Brasswind Coupons
Woodwind & Brasswind   Recent Price Drops
DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
American DJ Monster Fun$249.99$50.00$199.99
Apple Creek Dulcimer$86.74$20.32$66.42
Auralex MoPad Monitor Isolation Pads$44.99$10.00$34.99
Axe Heaven Fender Stratocaster Sunburst Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible$34.99$9.40$25.59
Axe Heaven Fender Telecaster Butterscotch Blonde Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible$34.99$10.15$24.84
Axe Heaven Les Paul Sunburst Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible$29.99$7.20$22.79
Axe Heaven Michael Anthony Jack Daniels Bass Miniature Guitar Replica Collectible$32.99$9.75$23.24
D&A Gigstand Acoustic Guitar Stand Black$27.99$6.01$21.98
D'Addario EJ16 Bulk -Pack Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings$99.99$5.00$94.99
D'Addario ENR71-5 Half Rounds Light 5-String Bass Strings$34.99$8.00$26.99
D'Addario ETB92M Medium Tapewound Bass Guitar Strings Medium Scale$49.99$19.60$30.39
D'Addario EXL110 Guitar Strings Bulk -Pack Light 25 Sets 25 Sets$79.99$6.00$73.99
D'Addario EXL120 Nickel Super Light Electric Guitar Strings 10-Pack$39.79$7.80$31.99
D'Addario EXL165TP Twin-Pack Bass Guitar Strings$29.99$6.60$23.39
D'Addario EXL170-5 XL Nickel Round Wound 5-String Long Bass Strings$24.99$5.00$19.99
D'Addario EXL170-5TP 5-String Bass Guitar Strings 2 Sets$39.99$10.50$29.49
D'Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Universal Clip-On Tuner$24.99$10.99$14.00
Danelectro DJ-3 BLT Slap Echo Pedal$33.65$5.70$27.95
Dean Deluxe Hard Case for Hardtail/Vendetta/Zone$107.72$24.95$82.77
Dean Vendetta VNXM 7-String Electric Guitar Trans Black$219.99$40.00$179.99
DR Strings HI BEAMS 6 STRING BASS MEDIUM .130 LOW B 30-130$41.00$7.84$33.16
Ernie Ball MVP Volume/Gain Expression Pedal$119.00$21.32$97.68
Evans EMAD Heavyweight Clear Batter Bass Drumhead 24 Inch$49.99$10.99$39.00
Evans Replacement Conga Head for LP Extended Comfort Curve 12.5 Inches$45.79$6.59$39.20
Evans Tri-Center Bongo Head Combo Pack$59.02$10.04$48.98
Fender Classic Series '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Color Sunburst Maple Fretboard$703.99$70.40$633.59
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Gold Tweed Red Plush Interior$158.09$18.60$139.49
Franklin Strap 2.5" Black Leather Guitar Strap with Buck Backing$29.99$5.04$24.95
Franklin Strap 2.5" Chocolate Suede Guitar Strap with Gold Stitching$29.99$5.00$24.99
G7th Performance 2 Guitar Capo Gold$63.94$13.95$49.99
Gator GWE-Acou-3/4 Hardshell 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar Case$84.99$5.00$79.99
Gibraltar SC-4471 42-Strand Strainer for 14" Snare$19.99$5.00$14.99
Gibraltar Soft Drink Holder$21.99$5.00$16.99
Gibraltar Stabilizer Platform$29.99$5.00$24.99
Hercules Stands GS422B Duo Stand Guitar Stand$69.99$6.84$63.15
Hercules Stands GS432B Tri Stand Guitar Stand$89.99$7.80$82.19
Hercules Stands Microphone Stand with H-Base$48.69$7.09$41.60
Hercules Stands MS401B Transformer Tilt Base Microphone Stand$74.00$5.73$68.27
Hohner 595BL Blue Midnight Harmonica Key of F$33.99$12.24$21.75
Hohner 7582/64 Super 64 Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica$295.74$50.05$245.69
Hohner Hohner Discovery 48 Chromatic Harmonica Key of C$170.99$29.02$141.97
Hosa Stereo 3.5mm Male TRS Right-Angle to XLR Female Microphone Patch Cable 1 Foot$12.45$5.50$6.95
Hosa XLR Female to XLR Male Input Attenuator$34.80$17.81$16.99
Hotone Effects Grass Modern Overdrive Skyline Series Guitar Effects Pedal$79.99$18.93$61.06
HQ Percussion SoundOff Bass Drum Mute$41.99$7.00$34.99
Humes & Berg Enduro Companion Tilt-N-Pull Case Black 36x14.5x12$262.58$24.57$238.01
Humes & Berg Enduro Snare Drum Case with Foam Black 8x14$118.79$24.62$94.17
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars$109.95$9.96$99.99
Ibanez AEL50C AEL and EW Series Guitar Case$105.93$5.98$99.95
Ibanez AR100C Hardshell Guitar Case for Artist Models Black$109.99$10.04$99.95

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