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A Fountain of Bargains - Woodwind and Brasswind

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Woodwind and Brasswind

Woodwind and Brasswind brings band instruments to the Internet. The site offers a variety of specials for students entering band class. They are also a great source of musical instruments for community bands and orchestras. (browse products)

Online Coupons & Recent Price Drops / Woodwind & Brasswind Coupons
Woodwind & Brasswind   Recent Price Drops
DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
Alfred Journey - Ultimate Guitar Play-Along Book & 2 CDs$19.99$5.91$14.08
American DJ Color Sweeper Beam 8 8W RGBW 888365249155$479.99$56.00$423.99
American DJ MB-8 8" Mirror Ball Package$34.95$6.00$28.95
Aquarian Super-kick III Bass Drumhead 18 in$39.99$5.43$34.56
Aquarian Tru-Bounce Practice Pad$44.98$13.12$31.86
Arturia MiniBrute Monophonic Analog Synthesizer$439.12$90.00$349.12
Arturia MiniBrute Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Regular 888365263663$399.20$81.82$317.38
Arturia MiniBrute SE Analog Mono Synth$549.00$100.00$449.00
Arturia MINILAB Mini Hybrid Keyboard Controller$99.00$23.37$75.63
Arturia SparkLE Compact Hybrid Drum Machine with Free Upgrade to Spark 2 Software$219.12$56.19$162.93
Beato Pro 3 Hardware Bag 47 Inches$95.99$25.36$70.63
Berklee Press Recording and Producing in the Home Studio Book$24.95$7.13$17.82
Bigsby B5 Fender Vibrato Kit - Original Fender Logo For Telecaster Guitars Chrome$214.99$42.96$172.03
Cannon Percussion Practice Pad Stand$33.99$5.92$28.07
Celestion Heritage G12H 55Hz 30W, 12" Vintage Guitar Speaker 8 ohm$199.00$24.18$174.82
D'Addario EXP165 Coated Soft Top/Regular Bottom Bass Strings$30.99$7.42$23.57
Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic-Electric Guitar Plum Purple Burst$249.99$37.50$212.49
Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic-Electric Guitar Plum Purple Burst 888365187532$199.99$30.00$169.99
Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic-Electric Guitar Plum Purple Burst 888365253213$159.99$24.00$135.99
Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic-Electric Guitar Plum Purple Burst 888365259574$199.99$30.00$169.99
Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic-Electric Guitar Plum Purple Burst 888365262611$199.99$30.00$169.99
Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp Black$29.58$5.35$24.23
Dean Custom Run Rusty Cooley RC7x Lazer Electric Guitar Lazer$967.12$88.00$879.12
Dean Markley 2694 SR2000 5-String Bass Strings$29.99$5.10$24.89
Emma Electronic PisdiYAUwot Metal Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal$245.00$44.00$201.00
Evans EMAD Clear Batter Head 18 Inches$37.58$5.61$31.97
Evans EQ3 Batter Clear Bass Head 20 Inch$51.99$18.33$33.66
Evans EQ4 Batter Coated Bass Drumhead 18 Inches$31.99$7.44$24.55
Evans G2 Clear Drumhead Pack Standard - 12/13/16$42.99$13.00$29.99
Evans Hybrid Marching Snare Drum Batter Head Grey 13in$52.78$13.11$39.67
Fishman M100 Mandolin Pickup$139.45$18.56$120.89
Franklin Strap 3" Caramel Leather Guitar Strap with Gold Stitching$42.99$8.04$34.95
Gibraltar Ball Arm L-Rod Mount$38.99$10.41$28.58
Gibraltar Hydraulic Moto Throne$154.98$35.99$118.99
Gibraltar Lightning Rod Telescoping Hi-Hat Stand$119.99$24.14$95.85
Gibraltar Mini Cymbal Boom Arm$29.99$5.04$24.95
Gibraltar Strap Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal$55.98$20.68$35.30
Gibraltar Turning Point Deluxe Cymbal Stand w/Brake Tilter$144.99$21.59$123.40
Gibraltar Universal Tom Drum Suspension System$29.99$6.49$23.50
Gretsch Guitars G6238 Duo Jet and Pro Jet Guitar Case$156.09$24.27$131.82
Hal Leonard Best of Brad Paisley Guitar Tab Songbook$22.95$6.56$16.39
Hal Leonard Lost Art Of Country Bass Instruction Book/CD$19.95$5.04$14.91
Hal Leonard Metallica: Ride The Lightning Guitar Tab Songbook$19.95$5.38$14.57
Hal Leonard The Ultimate Series: Christmas 100 Seasonal Favorites$19.95$6.64$13.31
Hohner 1896 Marine Band Harmonica Pro Pack$114.99$23.00$91.99
Hohner 32B Instructor Melodica$59.99$24.10$35.89
Hohner 590 Big River MS-Series Harmonica Bb$30.99$5.77$25.22
Hohner M2011 Marine Band Thunderbird Low Tuned Harmonica Low D$139.99$22.85$117.14
Hohner M2011 Marine Band Thunderbird Low Tuned Harmonica Low G$139.99$20.72$119.27
Hohner Marine Band Deluxe Harmonica M2005 Bb$71.99$14.41$57.58

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