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Woodwind and Brasswind

Woodwind and Brasswind brings band instruments to the Internet. The site offers a variety of specials for students entering band class. They are also a great source of musical instruments for community bands and orchestras. (browse products)

Online Coupons & Recent Price Drops / Woodwind & Brasswind Coupons
Woodwind & Brasswind   Recent Price Drops
DescriptionOld PricePrice DropCurrent Price
Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-343 000 Acoustic Guitar Gospel Model$695.00$181.08$513.92
Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII Microphone Preamplifier/Equalizer$791.12$176.00$615.12
D'Addario EXL220TP Twin-Pack Bass Guitar Strings$29.99$5.65$24.34
D'Addario Planet Waves 2.5" Alchemy Gothic Leather Strap Blackblood Skull$28.99$7.57$21.42
D'Addario Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier with HTS$35.38$6.07$29.31
D'Addario Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cable Right Angle-Straight 20 Foot$34.99$12.94$22.05
D'Addario Planet Waves Gold-Plated 1/4" Straight Instrument Cable 15 Foot$31.99$12.83$19.16
Daisy Rock Wildwood Short Scale Acoustic Guitar Pink Burst$163.40$37.44$125.96
Dean Bluegrass F Mandolin$349.00$50.00$299.00
Egnater Rebel 112X 1x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet Black And Beige$279.99$17.54$262.45
Elixir Nanoweb Light Bass Strings$38.99$7.97$31.02
Evans Hybrid-Soft Marching Snare Drum Batter Head Black 13 inch$47.49$8.61$38.88
Evans Tri-Center Bongo Head 7 Inches$32.52$10.10$22.42
Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass Black Maple Fretboard$1,580.99$158.10$1,422.89
Focusrite Rednet 5 - 32 Channel Pro Tools HD Bridge$1,499.99$500.00$999.99
Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Pack$174.99$5.00$169.99
Fxpansion BFD3 Acoustic Drum Studio Virtual Instrument$349.00$150.00$199.00
Gibraltar Chrome Series Power Rack with C-Wings$349.99$50.00$299.99
Gibson SG Standard 2014 Electric Bass Guitar Heritage Cherry$1,418.25$303.18$1,115.07
Godin Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural$1,315.60$71.68$1,243.92
Godin S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst$369.00$26.91$342.09
Hamilton KB50 Folding Music Stand$39.99$6.63$33.36
Hartke HD25 25w 1x8 Bass Guitar Combo$129.99$10.99$119.00
Hohner Progressive Series 560 Special 20 Harmonica D$43.99$7.94$36.05
Innovative Percussion RS251 Rattan Series Medium Vibraphone Mallet$45.36$6.67$38.69
K&M Bag for Spider Pro Keyboard Stand$55.00$15.66$39.34
K&M Heavy Duty Music Stand Black$54.99$15.47$39.52
K&M Spider Pro Keyboard Stand$349.99$55.41$294.58
Kaces KCP-5 Crash Pad Drum Rug$59.95$9.96$49.99
Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeler Guitar Effects Pedal$249.99$41.97$208.02
Malletech Markus Rhoten Timpani Mallet Green$92.95$12.96$79.99
Malletech Markus Rhoten Timpani Mallet Red$92.95$12.96$79.99
MONO M80 Dreadnought Guitar Hybrid Case Jet Black$229.99$27.10$202.89
MONO M80 Electric Bass Case Jet Black$229.99$20.40$209.59
MONO M80 Warsaw Guitar Strap Manta Black$49.99$6.72$43.27
Mooer Eleclady Classic Analog Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal$88.00$18.36$69.64
Mooer Hustle Drive Guitar Effects Pedal$88.00$17.00$71.00
Mooer Pitch Box Guitar Effects Pedal$88.00$12.30$75.70
Mooer Pure Boost Guitar Effects Pedal$88.00$22.40$65.60
Mooer Reecho Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal$98.00$34.39$63.61
Musician's Gear SMS-6000 Monitor Stand Pair$199.98$110.00$89.98
Neotech Super Banjo Strap Black$31.95$7.54$24.41
Oscar Schmidt OU2E Concert Ukulele with Active Pickup System$149.00$48.06$100.94
Pignose Legendary 7-100 Portable Amp$74.95$5.41$69.54
Powell 505 Sonare Series Flute B Foot / Open Hole / Offset G$1,699.00$100.00$1,599.00
Radial Engineering HotShot ABI Line Input Selector$99.99$10.00$89.99
Remo Clear Extended Timpani Head 25 Inch$46.99$9.29$37.70
Remo Medium NuSkyn Conga Head 11 Inches$62.99$17.86$45.13
Remo Tar Frame Drum Goat Brown 18 In x 3 In$87.99$12.00$75.99
Rotosound RS66LE Heavy Long Scale Bass Strings$24.95$6.56$18.39

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