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A Fountain of Bargains - Deals

Web sites use deals to attract customers. Deals come in a variety of forms. For example a store might sell a loss leader under cost hoping customers will make additional purchases.

Many sites use deals to build up social networks and local buzz.

The widget on the right shows the lightening deal. These are super low prices on select items. The deal updates about every 2 hours during business hours. The widget also shows any Deals of the Day offered by Amazon.

There is a new style of site called a "steal site" that has nothing but one screaming deal a day in a category. These sites help people learn about trends in an industry as shoppers elbow eachother to get the deal.

Generally, there is a very small selection of loss leaders. I admit, I often end up buying a few extra items to go with the loss the store makes out okay in the end.

Here are some other popular steal of the day feeds.

Tech For LessThe on going fire sale at Tech for Less of Colorado Springs offers great deals on computers and electronics.

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